Jain Wedding Rituals

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Like all other religions, Jains also celebrate their marriages with great enthusiasm. They also have a number of rituals before and after marriage, which are performed with utmost simplicity and sanctity. Though in Jain religion, marriage is considered a knowing affair, it is still highly advocated. In Jain wedding ceremony, a grand public statement is made with the intention of bride and groom to live together for their whole life.
Pre Wedding Jain Rituals
Jain Wedding is a simple yet ritualistic experience. The Jain community believes in simple solemnization of the wedding knot with the blessings of almighty and elders. Before the actual wedding takes place, a series of traditional pre-wedding rituals take place in a Jain Community to make the auspicious beginning of the new relationship.

Jain Wedding Rituals
Like other Indian Weddings, Jain weddings are also very ritualistic. They are followed through a series of pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals. The Jain weddings are very simple and sanctified without any extravagance. A typical Jain wedding is solemnized after a series of rituals like Phere, Havan and Granthi Bandhan.

Post-Wedding Jain Rituals

Jain Wedding Ceremonies are simple ceremonies. As the Jain Community regards the marriage much above the worldly affairs, they avoid any kind of pomp and show during the entire affair of marriage. They also hold the institution of marriage in high regard and that is why marriage is a compulsory affair for all the people of their community.